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ISO 14001 Consultants

Consultancy projects for ISO 14001 vary considerably in both quality and the eventual effectiveness of your Environmental Management System. Selecting the the right consultant is critical to eventual ease of EMS use, level of added value and levels of environmental performance achieved.

About ISO 14001 Consultancy

Great ISO 14001 consultants differentiate themselves through demonstrable skills, real life experience and competences developed through exposure to a wide range of environmental scenarios and business sectors. They also adapt to the exacting demands and circumstances presented by the client’s environmental awareness, level of regulatory knowledge, regulatory compliance and willingness to make effective use of ISO 14001.

Advice provided by our consultants is defined by the following key traits and skills:

DAT ISO 14001 Consultant Key traits and skills

  1. Confidence backed up by knowledge, experience, qualifications and track record of deploying ISO 14001
  2. Persistent in the pursuit of environmental objectives and associated action plans
  3. Good communcation skills - listens first, talks later
  4. Demonstrates the ability to get ideas and potential solutions across to the client
  5. Collaborative leadership style when providing ISO 14001 advice, able to integrate with the clients team
  6. Flexible and adaptable when faced with difficult situations
  7. Skilled in problem solving and able to share root cause analysis benefits to clients
  8. Qualified ISO 14001 systems auditor. Either IEMA registered as a lead auditor or recognised as competent across a range of business sectors by a leading UKAS accredited certification body
  9. Proficient in the application of “risk based thinking” and able to effectively influence “environmental risk based approaches with clients
  10. Team player able and able to generate enthusiasm amongst the client's team
  11. Never stops learning or seeking improved ways of doing things
  12. Maintains continued professional development (CPD) in order to be ahead of change

DATs consultant selection process is both rigorous and effective. This effectiveness is demonstrated by significant improvements in client business performance and genuine and verifiable client testimonials.