ISO 27001 Consultants
  • Protect your information from cyber crime and natural disasters
  • Financial loss and reputation damage prevention
  • Information assets risk managed through effective controls

ISO 27001 Consultants

ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard for information security management and outlines the requirements for an independently assessed and certified information security management system. This enables your organisation to effectively secure its financial and confidential data minimising the likelihood of it being illegally or inappropriately accessed.

By applying ISO 27001, your organisation can demonstrate commitment and compliance to information governance and best practice. This proves to customers, suppliers and stakeholders that information security is a key part of your overall business process.

Cyber crime and computer hacking is growing. Recent high profile cases have been financially damaging to organisations and have affected reputations and customer confidence. As technology improves and our ability to capture and store information across many devices increases, the importance of securing our information becomes vital.

Loss or corruption of data can be caused by natural disasters, theft or mismanagement. Rectifying the loss can be expensive and in some cases, where the information is critical to the survival of the business, can lead to its demise.

Benefits of ISO 27001 consultancy

Your organisation will soon benefit from an effective information security management system that is both easy to use and highly effective. ISO 27001 consultancy services from DAT Performance are available as full build or assisted build packages. We also provide internal audit and system design services for clients wishing to improve or integrate their existing management system i.e. ISO 9001 with ISO 27001. Our ISO 27001 service offer provides system build options which lead your organisation through creation of your information asset inventory, information risk assessments, risk treatment plan, procedural controls, policy implementation and auditing of information security controls.

DAT Performance also provide gap analysis services, internal audits and bespoke ISO 27001 consultancy services for clients wishing to improve, replace or integrate their existing ISO 9001 system with other standards such as ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001.

ISO 27001 quality management systems are prepared to the highest possible standard using down to earth and highly experienced consultants. They provide excellent results using a simple jargon free methodology.

ISO 27001 benefits to your organisation

When it comes to protection of information, there is a clear case for prevention being better than waiting until a cyber-attack or incident has taken place. By implementing an effective security management system such as ISO 27001, you will benefit from an established system of management controls and procedures that will help reduce risks and disruption.

Achieving ISO 27001 certification involves a process that will identify and assess potential risks from a range of incidents; from computer hacking to environmental disasters.  The process includes identifying how and where information is stored and who uses it by involving the entire organisation, not just your IT department and senior management.

Other stages include maintaining records to manage and control future risks and implementing a disruption limitation plan should an information breach occur.

Engaging consultants such as DAT provides you with the benefit of our knowledge and experience combined with industry best practices to ensure your information security management system (ISMS) is robust and effective.

Other benefits include:

Increased information security

Customer confidence

Information assets clarified and controlled

UKAS accredited and recognised certification (UK)

Problem solving focus

Compliance regarding data protection, privacy and IT governance

ISO 27001 entry barrier removal to new markets

Meaningful performance improvement objectives delivered

ISO 27001 history and near future

ISO 27001 was originally conceived by the UK Department of Trade and Industry. Their Commercial Computer Security Centre was tasked with the creation of security evaluation criteria for IT security products, whilst another was the creation of a code of good security practice for information security.

This led to the creation of document PD0003. This document was organised into 10 sections, each outlining numerous objectives and controls. The document was published in the early 1990's and evolved into a formal standard, known as BS7799, in 1995.

Development continued by both BSI and ISO. BSI developed another standard, a specification of an Information Security Management System. This was published in 1998 as BS7799-2 and eventually became ISO 27001.

In the meantime, BS7799-1 came under the auspices of ISO, being fast tracked to become ISO/IEC 17799 in December of 2000. ISO 27001 in its current format was published in October 2005. The standard was revised in 2013 with the current version being the annex SL based ISO 27001:2013.