How is ISO 9001 Leadership demonstrated?

ISO 9001 Leadership

Leadership and commitment are key ingredients for all successful organisations. ISO 9001:2015 requires top management to demonstrate leadership and commitment to the quality system. Under ISO 9001:2015 leadership and commitment is not optional.

Question: How is ISO 9001:2015 leadership demonstrated?

Answer: The organisation's leadership:

  • Takes genuine accountability for quality system effectiveness,
  • Ensures that the quality policy and quality objectives are in line with organisational context and its strategic direction,
  • Ensures that the quality system is integral to how the organisation operates,
  • Actively promotes the use of risk based thinking and plan do check act approaches,
  • Provides resources to ensure the quality system is effective,
  • Frequently communicates the importance of the quality system and conforming to quality system requirements,
  • Makes sure that the quality system acheives intended results,
  • Engages, supports and directs the team in their contributions towards making the quality system effective,
  • Actively promotes and encourages improvements in quality,
  • Develops supports and encourages other leaders to demonstrate quality leadership in their respective roles.