ISO 14001 for environmental management

ISO 14001:2015 the recently updated international standard for environmental management systems has now replaced the previous 2004 version. ISO 14001:2004 although still recognised becomes obsolete in September 2018.

The ISO 14001 standard provides a framework for an environmental management system helping organisations to improve their environmental performance.

What is ISO 14001?
The aim of an effective management system is to reduce waste, meet regulatory requirements and minimise costs; as a result, ISO 14001 certified organisations can gain an edge over their competitors.

Typical environmental aspects covered by ISO 14001 requirements include management of the following:

  • Waste
  • Air pollution
  • Water and sewage
  • Soil contamination
  • Environmental damage
  • Energy costs

ISO 14001 revision
Compliant with Annex SL the higher level structure for ISO management systems and similar to the ISO 9001:2015 revision, two of the main changes cover; 1) the role of management and leadership of the management system, 2) the application of risk based thinking.

The revised standard places more emphasis on the leadership role of management and commitment to implementing an EMS (Environmental Management System) as an integral part of the day-to-day running of the organisation.

Risk based thinking is the process of identifying and assessing risks to the business. An effective EMS will show evidence that risks have been identified and measures put in place to mitigate or manage the risk.

Achieving ISO 14001 certification will help minimise the impact your activities may have on the environment and through reduced energy consumption and waste provide financial benefits to your business.

ISO 14001 certification
Certification offers a range of business benefits these include:

  • Protecting the environment from pollution
  • Meet legal and regulatory needs across world markets
  • Reduce operating costs through reduced waste and energy consumption
  • Recognition against a globally recognised standard
  • Gain new customers
  • Competitive advantage during tendering

ISO 14001 consultants
Engaging an experienced ISO consultant will help you make a smooth transition to the revised standard. Your consultant will help you to improve your current systems and identify the most effective way to implement the changes.

Talk to one of our consultants about your transition or to gain ISO 14001 certification.